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This is a financial Technology boutique that places its complete emphasis on developing regulatory compliance and business support practices for its clients.

We believe that our experience and knowledge can be of great value to you.

SARU is a comprehensive provider of FinTech solutions that offers a wide range of services. Our expertise includes reporting technology for taxation, FATCA, CRS, and other related areas. We specialize in automating internal reporting systems, as well as providing back-office automated solutions, human resources applications, and online training systems.

Our commitment to excellence and dedication to innovation make SARU an exceptional choice for businesses seeking to optimize their financial technology and stay ahead of the competition.


“I’m extremely pleased that I discovered Saru to handle our regulatory compliance reporting at our company. They managed to simplify our reporting procedures and offered professional advice throughout the entire process. Their team is well-informed, effective, and accessible whenever we needed to ask something. Saru has helped us save both time and money, and I strongly suggest their services to anyone in search of exceptional FinTech reporting.”


“SARU has been a crucial partner in helping us navigate the complex world of FinTech reporting. SARU provided us with a thorough understanding of the reporting process and helped us achieve full compliance with all regulatory requirements. They have been responsive, professional, and have gone above and beyond to ensure our success. We would not have been able to do it without SARU and would recommend their services to anyone looking to expand their FinTech operations..”

— Gabriel H, MD, Kushnir Solutions Ltd.

“I have recently used SARU FinTech reporting services, and I am extremely impressed with their attention to detail and dedication to excellence. They took the time to understand my business’ unique needs and provided a customized solution that was both effective and efficient. SARU is professional, friendly, and always available to answer any questions I had. Thanks to SARU, I am now confident that we are fully compliant and I would recommend their penetration testing to anyone seeking top-quality personalized professional FinTech tests.”

— Griffin Mani, General Manager, ZHA Law Practice LLP.

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